Monday, March 21, 2011

Tight as!

Since my fill on Saturday I have only been able to drink water :( Not fun.

I decided to give it a few days to see if it eases up. I hope it does. I am certain I needed a fill. My portion sizes had become quite big again but this tightness is difficult to deal with.

I am literally having a lot of trouble with anything except water. I have even tried a few sips of Iced Coffee but it eventually keeps coming back up.

How long should I wait to see if it settles. I am not haiving any reflux or pain - just the uncomfortableness followed by a burp or a burp with a little overflow of water or milk etc??

This has thrown a little spanner in the works for me being able to achieve my weekly goal of drinking 2L of water a day. I am lucky to get down 1 cup.

Any advice would be appreciated ...


  1. It sounds like you could be a little too tight. If you are not even getting enough water down, you will be doing yourself more harm than good, I would probably go to the doctor and get it checked!

    Good luck :o)

  2. I think you need an un-fill. I wouldn't wait.

  3. yeah, you shouldn't put this off. At least a lil smidgen of an unfill should be done right away.