Thursday, March 17, 2011

Post-Exercise Pic with a side of NSV!!

Well it's a little late but Lapband Gal asked what we were doing for excerise today and to post a picture either pre/during/post exercise. So here is mine. Post Basketball with my son. My face has a definate shade of red and I am nice and sweaty! I promised myself before I uploaded the pic that I wasn't going to analyse the photo - so guess what I am here doing right now!! lol Some things never change - but I am still going to post it anyway!

I must admit I should have worked harder tonight. It wasn't through lack of motivation or laziness, I was held back by my pants. Yes that's right - my PANTS!! They kept falling down!!!

I am going to take this as a nice little NSV! Also during the match, I got a compliment about my weightloss. When I say compliment - I use the term loosely - the umpire of the game actually called out to me - mid game - while I was dribbling the ball - yelled it across the court so everyone could hear. I personally think this was slightly rude but I am choosing to see the positive of this. She thinks I'm getting skinny!!!

To be honest - I felt like saying - No I haven't - just so she would feel embarrassed to have said it in the first place - but I was feeling forgiving and made a little joke of it by saying she should be concentrating more on umpiring the game and not checking me out!!

Whoo hoo - it's Friday tomorrow!!!!


  1. Good for you! I used to hate sweating, cause it was mostly just a buproduct of being fat. Now I welcome the sweat, as I know it's helping me get closer to goal. Good for you!!

  2. Yeah, that word above should say

  3. How cute is your son? Great job and great NSV.