Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ready, Set ... GO!

Excuse the very bad polish, I have been a little lazy - I really must fix that, it looks terrible! My goal for this week will be to re-do the toe nails :)
OK so this morning's weigh in was 260.4pds. I flipped it over to measure in kilos straight after and the result was 118.2kgs - according to my converter that is a 100 gram variance but I'll stick with the 260.4 for the challenge.
If I measured in pounds I guess I would be getting excited about being in the 250's soon! Since I started this journey at nearly 290 pds that is pretty awesome.
I still see the same image in the mirror though - I feel the changes but am not able to see them yet.
To everyone participating in the challenge - I look forward to being motivated by all of your successes :)
Goal for this week will be to continue to drink about 2 litres of water a day. Amanda, like myself is a little H20-challenged - we can do this!! I found the Sip and Gulp Challenge very motivating to make sure I was drinking enough water. So thank you to Ms M for the challenge. I think I might pretend that I am still in that challenge to help me make drinking water a regular part of my day.


  1. I have found every day this past week I have forgot that we aren't still doing the sip and gulp challenge! It does help! Best of luck to you during the challenge.

  2. Game on!! My toes look awful too. But I am gonna weigh when it is morning here!! Good luck!

  3. woohoo for you :) You are going to have to treat yourself to a pedicure :) Maybe for one of your big goal spots.


  4. Fantastic! Your toes look freshly and perfectly done compared to mine!

  5. I don't bother with polish until the weather gets warmer and my toes show. Looking forward to that happening SOON!

  6. Kellie!! I didn't realise you had a blog! I saw your comment on Meegans:) I am going to get back into mine also....I have been a slacker:( xx