Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Where did March go?

Holy crap I can't believe it's almost the end of March already.  I swear time is just zooming by and taking my warm weather with it :(  It's a nice sunny 21 degrees here today, so I can't complain but the temperature sure is dropping of an evening Brrr!

I have had a fill since my last update, a very very needed fill!  I had 0.2ml put in and I am definately noticing the difference :)  my scales are also noticing the difference which makes me happy :)  I have literally not been feeling like I need to eat food at all, however my brain still thinks it wants to and tries to, but after a couple of mouthfuls, its like "not going to happen" or "if I eat anymore this will end badly".  I am trying to listen to my body more times than my head but sometimes my head still wins - my head frustrates me!

I have pretty much been trying to meet my goals every week.  I have had struggles with the eating after 7pm goal until this last fill on Friday, since then it hasn't been a problem.  The other one I was struggling with was the 30 minutes of exercise.  My knee has started to feel good this week, so I am thinking about playing sport again - albeit taking it very easy.  I don't think I have done any major damage and the medication and compression are doing wonders.  I will of course strap the hell out of it when I play just to make sure!!!

The plan is to continue with my current goals and one additional goal - Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

I have always struggled with drinking enough water whilst I have had good restriction, but I think the problem was always my focus on the need to eat food not necessarily because I was hungry but because I would feel like I couldn't eat if I drank.  Well duh Kellie, I think that might be the point!! (light bulb moment!) lol

So sorry I keep forgetting to update regularly, but for some reason I struggle with time I just feel like I never have enough of it and when I do have spare moments I am literally chilling out reading a book!!

Keep up the great work fellow bloggers - you are all amazing!

Til next time :) 


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Knee and Goal Update

So I went to see the doc about my knee, turns out that I mis diagnosed myself in my quest through g00gle!  Of course I did!  It turns out that I have done something to my crucial ligament.  There is alot of localised swelling and I have been told to rest it at every opportunity, keep it taped (compressed) and I am on anti-inflammitories and panadol for the pain and swelling.  I am forbidden to play netball and basketball for up to 8 weeks :( which sucks but unless I want to risk a serious injury I am to follow doctors orders!!!

As for my goals

Goal 1:  No eating after 7pm

Fail!  I tried so hard to do this, but it turns out that Portia has decided to ramp up on the restriction during the daylight hours which makes it so hard not to eat in the late afternoons - early evenings.  This is something that I find strange considering up until last fortnight I literally had no restriction at all!

Goal 2:  Minimum exercise 30 mins for 7 days straight

Success!  Only walking (given the doctors orders) and aqua fitness - but exercise is exercise!!

Goal 3:  Do not stress the small stuff

Success!  It helps that I have decided not to care about work at all!  I have adopted the philosophy that I have to stop caring about the things that I have no power to change and accept that sometimes you just go to go with the flow.

Goal 4:  Stay away from the charity box at work

Epic fail!  Damn those charity chocolates but there is just no way I can resist those white fredd0 frogs!!!

All in all not to bad, but heaps of room for improvement.  I will keep the same goals just to keep up the momentum and hopefully I will be able to report success for all 4 goals :)

Til next time!