Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dr Appt is booked and some goals

So I will find out what the go is with my knee.  I hope its nothing too serious, I would hate to be out of action as I need to shift some of this summer weight that has crept on me!  I have been all over the place with my diet lately, I don't know if its hormaonal, money stress or me just slipping back into bad habits.  There is certainly alot of negative energy around and I am trying so hard to to buy into it or be dragged into it.  I need to start focussing on the bigger picture and have small goals to achieve to help me get there.

Goal 1 - No eating after 7pm
I am a shocker for eating at night. Hopefully this will kick in my appetite for earlier the next day.... we'll see.

Goal 2 - Minimum excerise of 30 mins per day for 7 days straight
I have been using my knee as a good excuse not to exercise everyday. I have been doing my normal netball/basketball/aqua routine but I need to step it up and make it count everyday.

Goal 3 - Do not stress on the small stuff
I am finding the samll things at work are really irritating me. I don't know why but it's gotta stop!

Goal 4 - Stay away for the charity chocolate box at work!
Damn those charity chocolates - you feel guilty if you do and guilty if you don't!!!

I will report back next thursday to see how I go.

Monday, February 20, 2012

I think I have a miniscus tear :(

Which totally sucks, and at this stage is 100% self diagnosed!!

I have been on anti-inflammitory medications for approximately 2 weeks now with no signs of my knee getting better and so I thought I might give Goog.le a go to see if I could find out what the problem might be.  The prognosis is not good :(

The first treatment option listed is anti-inflammitories - they have not been working for me...
Second treatment option is cortisone injections and the third is surgery.  I wish I hadn't goog.led it but it definatley looks like a can't put off a doctors visit any longer.

Wish me luck!


Friday, February 17, 2012

Remember me..?

I used to be an active blogger - geez what happened?

So what's everyone been up to?  I have been tumbling from the band wagon ... absense from the blog scene definately makes the waist grow.  OK so it's not that bad, I have put on 3 kgs since mid December.  There are alot of things that have happened to aid this gain but the number one factor is me.  Me not exercising enough, me eating too much and me choosing to have fill out before Christmas!!

It was all going well until mid January, I was maintaining really well, then the portions slowly got bigger and bigger and being summer there is so many functions, barbeques and just plain old fun to be had!!

My next appointment is scheduled for 23 March, I am hoping to get in earlier for a fill but will have to call next week to see of there are any cancellations. 

I have missed reading your blogs and will be updating myself over the next few days.  I hope all is going well.

This is the year I plan to get to goal.  I need to re-focus and start working towards this. 

I will also be making it my aim to blog more frequently.  Accountability is the key!

Bye for now :)