Monday, February 20, 2012

I think I have a miniscus tear :(

Which totally sucks, and at this stage is 100% self diagnosed!!

I have been on anti-inflammitory medications for approximately 2 weeks now with no signs of my knee getting better and so I thought I might give Goog.le a go to see if I could find out what the problem might be.  The prognosis is not good :(

The first treatment option listed is anti-inflammitories - they have not been working for me...
Second treatment option is cortisone injections and the third is surgery.  I wish I hadn't goog.led it but it definatley looks like a can't put off a doctors visit any longer.

Wish me luck!



  1. Back in Oct 2008 I did a 33km match in Netherkands with my husband who is in the Canadian Miltary and after that walk I had a sore knee as well...since I went to the gym every lunch hour I thought I would just work through after 5 months of putting up with the 'sore knee' I decided to get an MRI as well. Good things I did as I found out I tore my miniscus laterally and almost in half. I opted for surgery and it was the BEST thing I ever did! It's been 3 years and you wouldn't know I even had knee surgery! Sometimes medication just can't cut it! I hope you get results and figure it out, it's not the easy pain to live with.

  2. Go to the doctor and get an MRI- that is the only way to know for sure.
    I had surgery a year ago and it was not a big deal; you heal pretty fast (unless your a walking accident like me and break the other ankle to make things tough).