Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dr Appt is booked and some goals

So I will find out what the go is with my knee.  I hope its nothing too serious, I would hate to be out of action as I need to shift some of this summer weight that has crept on me!  I have been all over the place with my diet lately, I don't know if its hormaonal, money stress or me just slipping back into bad habits.  There is certainly alot of negative energy around and I am trying so hard to to buy into it or be dragged into it.  I need to start focussing on the bigger picture and have small goals to achieve to help me get there.

Goal 1 - No eating after 7pm
I am a shocker for eating at night. Hopefully this will kick in my appetite for earlier the next day.... we'll see.

Goal 2 - Minimum excerise of 30 mins per day for 7 days straight
I have been using my knee as a good excuse not to exercise everyday. I have been doing my normal netball/basketball/aqua routine but I need to step it up and make it count everyday.

Goal 3 - Do not stress on the small stuff
I am finding the samll things at work are really irritating me. I don't know why but it's gotta stop!

Goal 4 - Stay away for the charity chocolate box at work!
Damn those charity chocolates - you feel guilty if you do and guilty if you don't!!!

I will report back next thursday to see how I go.


  1. #3 is easier said than done! :)

    Good luck with your goals, sweetie.

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