Fill Log

I have learned more and more that each individual has varied 'sweet spots' when it comes to the right amount of fill in the lap band - heck one person can have varied sweet spot fill levels within their own bands!  This page is just a record for me to know what fills I have had and the restriction (or lack there of) I felt at the time. 

1st Fill - 20/12/2010 - 2.5mls (total 2.5mls) - No change in how I felt initially, 5 days after the fill I felt like I had some definate restriction, but it only lasted 4 days.  4 weeks after the fill I feel as though I have NO restriction what so ever.  I am looking forward to my appointment on the 29/1/2011 for my next fill.

2nd Fill - 29/1/2011 - 1.5mls (total 4mls) - I am definately feeling this one so far.  For the first 3 days and I was barely able to eat at all!  Settled down, and was pretty good.  5 weeks after I was noticing that my portions were getting biggger and bigger.  Next fill scheduled for 19/3/2011.

3rd Fill - 19/3/2011 - 1ml (total 5mls) - Feeling the same as last time.  Hoping it settles over the next few days otherwise I will look at getting a little bit taken out.  I haven't booked another appointment yet.  Let's hope it gets the scale moving south. 22/3/11 - Too Tight!!! Haven't been able to keep anything but water down - and can only sip water.  Booked an unfill for 23/3/2011.

1st Unfill - 23/3/2011 - .5ml (total 4.5mls) - Feeling much better!  I had lost 3 kgs in 4 days through dehydration!!  I am now able to both eat and drink - YAY!  Still feeling restriction but only slightly more than my second fill.  I will go back in 4 weeks for another fill - albeit a tiny one!