Thursday, March 31, 2011

I ended up getting one!

An Ab Circle Pro that is! I am into my 3rd day of using it, so I don't have abs of steel to report .... yet! It's really weird, I don't feel 'the burn' when I am using it but about 20 mins later - pow! My abs feel like they have run a marathon! I was trying to explain it to Charlie last night - my layer of fat feels nothing - I can poke it and prod it and it's all good - but as soon as I engage my ab muscles - post work out pain! I am quite surprised by this little revelation considering there is no workout pain whilst doing the exercise. Anyway - I will give it a few weeks to see if there is any difference to my midrift section. In other news.... I have been getting a lot of compliments about my body lately. People are telling me I am looking slimmer. Mum says I might loose my butt :( but I think there is plenty there to survive my intended weightloss. Kellie definately got back!! Even though I have been getting these compliments, I still feel like I have not achieved much. I am really struggling with my brain's tendancy to think negatively about my body and weightloss success. I am hoping that I can keep sight of the bigger picture and am often reaching for my progress shots to reiterate to myself how far I have come. The scale has not been moving since my unfill :( this makes me a little sad and is putting me into a mini-funk. I wish the scale didn't rule my self perception - but it does! I let it though. This will be one of my never-ending struggles with losing weight and mind over matter. I often tell people I don't care what the scale says - but deep down I do :( What makes it worse is that I am getting so many compliments on my body but in reality the scale isn't moving downward .... and it's just a little hard to be ever so gracious in accepting a compliment when I feel crap about the scale reading ! I should be exstatic - what's wrong with me??


  1. I am terrified of losing my butt too! My step-dad has one of those machines. i don't think it has ever been used! You should definitely let me know what it does in a months time. And quit obsessing with the scale! (I say this, but I can totally relate to what your saying). I didn't lose for a while after my unfill either, but it did start back up! hand in there!

  2. I've been thinking about buying one but was wondering about whether they work, so please let me know too. I think the whole issue around self-doubt, dealing with compliments and believing we can actually be a normal weight is part of a much harder issue than shifting the weight - so much of the problem is in our head. Hang in there - just keep looking at the evidence of what you have already achieved as proof!

  3. I don't have a butt to lose. NONe! If it goes away any more it will be gone.

    You sound good today girlie!! Good luck with your ab thing! My abs are killing me from my tuesday workout!

  4. I thought about getting one of these a while back, but at the time I was like 280+ so after reading the reviews I found that there were some things that happen when to much weight it put on it. Plus I was skeptical on if it worked or not. I vowed I wouldn't buy another piece of exercise equipment as I have stuff I have never even used. So sad.

    Let us know how it works out.