Monday, November 29, 2010

Mushies!! :D

Whoo hoo! Today was mushies day!! It feels so nice to have had normal-ish food today. The potato and gravy I had for lunch was divine!

As much as the liquid stage has been relatively easy (considering I felt no hunger whatsoever) I think the mushies will be a little harder because the desire to want to eat food will be elevated even more.

I am struggling daily with the head hunger and to tell the truth I think this will be the main hurdle of my journey.

Since being banded I have lost 6 kilograms which is fantastic. I am very excited that these 6 kilograms will be gone forever, I amm determined never to see them again.

I know this is bad but I have been staring at the family while they have been eating over the past fortnight so tonight it will be a nice change to be participating in the eating too.

I met up with a few banded ladies last weekend for a coffee - because I was still on liquids (no calorie counting - as per the doctors orders) I ordered a lovely iced coffee with icecream. It was very yummy and next weekend when we meet for brunch it will be nice to be able to order scrambled eggs! I love meeeting up with fellow bandsters. It's true that no matter how understanding loved ones are re: the band it is nice to discuss the specific band-related things with people going through the exact same thing as me.

Well I better get some tea cooking for the family. I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving Weekend.


  1. Congratulations in moving to the next stage of this thing. Oh my..your saying you have been watching people eat...brings back so much. I still watch but there was a point in the beginning where I began to notice that soooo many people take huge bites and do not chew...Of course I didn't notice that before the band because i was too busy doing it myself :)

    Good luck!!! and enjoy those mushies.


  2. Hi Kellie -

    Lucky you to be able to eat mushies! - I am still only able to eat liquids - I go straight from liquids to solids after 21 days - this will be day 13 which means I will then have 8 more days to go.

    You are right, being with other people who have been banded understand where you are and you feel an instant connection!

    You are doing so great - keep up the good work !

  3. Yay for mushies!

    I think knowing that you could cause damage if you move onto real food, will help you stick to mushies. Your body is healing :) Before you know, you'll be back on normal food!

    You are lucky to have met some other bandits nearby.

  4. Honestly, there is not much that's more reassuring than other bandsters! And in person is the best, you're lucky to have some close enough to meet up with.

    Hooray for mushies. I seriously grieved for real food for a good month after I got my band, which I've probably told you eight times by now. It's a whole new relationship with food!

    Goodbye 6 kgs... congrats...