Friday, December 3, 2010

Week 3 Ramblings

Week 3 has been good. Mushies have been great, eating wise but I am starting to struggle to vary the food. I tend to stay wikth the same sort of foods. I need to experiment more.

I have never turned to tuna so much! Tuna really is a bandsters best friend. I am also loving the pumpkin soup but cause its now summer here I am not really 'feeling' soup right now.

This is my last week at home (yes, I was a big sook and took 3 weeks off work!) so next week will be very different for me. I will be packing my lunch (*cue gasp) yes that's right I will be taking my lunch. Its not something I have ever really been able to maintain but it will be out of necessity rather than that I really want to do it.

Any mushie lunch suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Weight-wise, I think since going onto the mushies my weightloss has stalled too. I am told that this is normal until I get my first fill - or maybe my 2nd or 3rd depending how long it takes to have an impact.

I feel as though there is no restriction at all at the moment and am finding I can eat more than the cup - or is ikt half a cup? - I am supposed to be eating. I am not getting stressed over this though. I know eventually it will start to come off and I am not going to add the additional pressure to my mind in questioning why it isn't coming off yet.

So I am still sitting at about 6 kgs down. I have literally lost this same 6kgs over the past 18 months - I couldn't even be one of those huge weightloss swinging yo-yos - not me it was about 5-10 kgs each time for me - the problem was that I would always seeem to gain a little more than I lost.

This time round I am confident that this will work for me. I am finding that I am more head hungry than anything. I am not physically hungry during meals but I still go to the pantry or the fridge - you know just to have a 'look' to see whats there. Everytime I conciously catch myself doing it I give myself a mental smack on the brain - stop that!

Hope you are all travelling well - the silly season is upon us - I still haven't put up the tree but I have promised the kids it will be tonight! They are so excited.

Well thats all. Hope you all have a lovely weekend - I have got way too much to do - including a 5th birthday and a baby shower to attend as well as a lovely brunch with some fellow bandsters - but it will be great!


  1. Wow, you are really taking it a lot better than me! I have already called the doc's begging for another fill, I feel like a junkie! I don't know how to handle the head hunger!

  2. HA HA. I took 4 weeks off work after surgery. Just because I could. It wasn't so bad packing a lunch. I just had to get used to packing just a little. Loved mostly soup and chili and stew.

  3. I wish I could've had three weeks off! I only took two.

    Some mushy ideas: polenta, mashed potatoes, hummus, grits -- just some things I eat when I need to do mushies.

  4. Good for you in taking three weeks and sticking to your mushies :). LUnch ideas can be hummus, split pea soup, tuna but with different spices (curry or just plain may or tarragon etc., cottage cheese, greek yogurt, scrambled eggs (probably out not packed). Cream of wheat or oatmeal. I still go to all of those ideas when I am extra tight or have just had a stuck episode and need to take it easy for a day or two.

  5. Sounds like you're going on swimmingly. Keep up the good work! V.

  6. Great job! You have a very realistic view of how the band works... it does take time for good restriction.
    I always pack my lunch as it helped me keep on track. I make spaghetti sauce with ground chicked, zuchinni, onion and celery cut up really small and cooked down super soft and then mix cottage cheeze in it. tastes like lasagna with out the noodles. yummy!
    Have a great weekend!
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  7. I also found my weight loss stalled when I got on the mushies! It is frustrating but I also remember that it will come off, I just need to be patient. Your doing really well! I've been having soggy weetbix with honey, custard, frozen yoghurt popsicles, greek yoghurt, pumpkin soup, porridge, fruit puree and smoothies. xx