Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Z Z Z .. Zumba!

OMG how much fun is Zumba!

Mum came with me an we arrive just as the previous Zumba Toning Class is finishing and they are all walking out red-faced and sweating like nothing else, mum an I just look at each other like "What are we doing here?"

So we pay and go in and take our positions in the far back corner (as you do!). I was feeling pretty good about our spot, there was a fairly good crowd, not squishy but I thought it was enough people to keep me fairly anonymous from the instructor.... Wrong!

She starts off the class by asking if there were any newbies ... well mum slightly raised her hand so I thought I better too! The instructor yells out "Don't be afraid, I have a really good view of the back row!" Bugger! there goes my 'stay out of the instructor's eyeline'....

She then starts up some music, good rhythm and we get into the warm up.... I was spent after the warm up! I said to mum "OK that's good for me, let's go!" but no - we stayed and soldiered on! We literally spent the entire class trying to keep up!! I was contantly behind and was way slower than the instructor and I couldn't help but just giggle at myself the entire time! I have never sweated and laughed at myself so much in my life!

I cracked up into hysterics when I caught mum in the corner of my eye doing the Beyonce-esque breast pump move - hillarious!!!!

We both walked out saying how much fun we had and we made a semi-pact to continue Zumba!

I posted on face book that I had an awesome time and a few friends have also put there hands up to join us next time. I am really looking forward to it!

My advice to anyone who is thinking of doing it? Do it!!! I am the most unco person in the world and had a blast - I didn't even care that people may have been looking at me. Thats's how much fun I had!

This morning my shoulders and arms ache - that's good right?


  1. You (almost) make me want to try it!

  2. Yeah, I wouldn't mind trying it - keep having fun!

  3. I am going to do it! Not before my surgery on Monday but sometime after! So glad you had fun!!

  4. Haha, you are too cute! Bangs = fringe in North America! Thanks!