Monday, December 20, 2010

First Fill !!!

Hello there!

Today was my first fill. I wasn't nervous, until he went to get the needle! Then I clamped my eyes shut until it was over!!! (Yes I am a big sook!)

Mum made the journey with me today as Charlie was at work. It also gave us a chance to shop, shop, shop!

I picked up a few Chrissy presents and then we headed to the surgery. The doc was running half hour behind so we decided to walk a couple of blocks and come back (I hate sitting idle waiting..) and then came back. We still had to wait 15-20 mins but it was heaps better than the possible 45 mins without the walk!

He called me in and asked how my first 5 weeks had been (wow - it's been 5 weeks already!), I confessed that I had been a little naughty and he asked me to get on the scale.

7.3kgs down since the surgery (according to me it's a little more but I'll take it!) as it was a good loss he didn't say too much about my naughtiness but did suggest I DO NOT eat and drink at the same time. I have been having trouble with this rule. It such a habit and its proving hard to break. I told him I will try my best and keep working on it.

So the moment came for the fill, I got up on the bed, he went to grab the needle and I clamped my eyes shut!!! He checked out the healed/ing wounds and felt for the port - he said all was looking well, asked me to do a mini sit up and he popped the needle in. Funnily enough I didn't really feel it too much - it was no worse than a blood test. He got the port first time (YAY) and then drained it out (just in case) and then put in 2.5mls.

After waiting a few minutes after a drink of water - I was right to go. How easy was that? Way easier than I expected! All done in less than 5 minutes :D

Next appt 29 January. Let's hope I have another good loss before then!


  1. Glad it went so well, your loss is fantastic!

  2. Awesome news on your 1st fill! That's a great post surgery loss too. I think I was only down a couple of kgs at my 1st fill appointment.

    I need to stop drinking with my meals too!!

    It's crazy how fast the weeks are flying by!

  3. Not drinking with your meals will keep you full longer! Hope your fill is magical ;)

  4. Congratulations on your first fill - it's always the most nerve-racking. I had a hard time too with the no drinking while eating. It will be second hand nature in no time.

    You're doing great!

  5. How do you feel? Do you feel like something is in your throat? or what? I am interested to know!

    You had a really simple fill - that's wonderful with no problems. good for you!

  6. Yay for the first fill! Good work for getting it just before Christmas. Look forward to hearing how you go with it. V.