Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Challenge .. Final Weigh in!

Well today I weighed in for the final week for the Holiday Challenge!

I am currently weighing less now than I have over the past 18 months which is a fantastic feeling. I still can't see it, but I know it's gone from somewhere, right?

My daughter's 2nd birthday party was yesterday. Thank goodness the weather played nice and the rain held off. Everyone had a ball and here is a couple of pics from the party:

The cake - a lady bug - made by moi!

My 2 gorgeous kids!!

She loves her new scooter - now she can ride with her brother instead of trying to steal his!

Happy holidays everyone!!!


  1. That is so wonderful! And that cake looks yummy!!! Such cute kiddies!

  2. What a cute cake! My daughter turned 2 in November. What a great age... well somedays the attitude outweighs the other things...

  3. Your children are beautiful, cake looks great. Can you make on for my dd please?

  4. Your children are gorgeous! And what a great cake!