Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gain :( & Christmas Tree Pic :)

Well it was bound to happen eventually .... right?

I weighed in for the challenge today and was up 0.3kgs (0.7 pounds) which isn't really much considering that I have been ravenous this week!

I don't know if it's usual or not but this week I feel as though I am eating huge amounts of food! I don't have any fill in my band yet so I guess that explains why - but boy oh boy do I miss the feeling of not being hungry :(

On the bright side - my feet have lost all of the fluid in them so I can now fit into my shoes alot more comfortably, especially my little balck flats which I wear to work. Before they felt like I was trying to stuff them in, now they slip right in and are alot more comfortable to wear all day!

I am a little obsessed with the scale right now and hate the fact that I am starting to stress over the ups and downs during the week. I like to keep track of my progress though so I will have to keep the emotions in check in future! Earlier this week (in middle of TOM) I went up another 1.5 kgs (3.3 pounds) so I should be thankful that it came down today :)

So it's nearly that time of year again. Christmas! It is also my daughter's 2nd Birthday 3 days befolre, so it's always a busy time of year for us. I have most of the shopping done and just need to worry about the food now. Little Miss is having a costume party for her birthday. She is dressing up as a ladybug and the boy is dressing up as a pirate. They are going to look gorgeous!
Here is a picture of the kidlets with our tiny tree (one day - when we have the room, we will get a bigger tree!) but it's cute and I like it! The thing I love most is the personalised things the kids make to hang on the tree. Last year it was wooden christmas trees painted green with christmas thingys glued on them and pictures of them in the centre (too cute) :)

Have a lovely week!


  1. It is a very cute tree! and i love the home made decorations the best as well. How long until your fill? I go for my second fill on monday and it couldn't come soon enough! unfortunately I am suppose to start on sunday, so I should be up for my weigh-in at the doc's. oh well. best of luck to you!

  2. Typically it doesn't seem that the time after surgery and before your first fill is a time for big weight loss. (Hence the term bandster hell). Try not to be too hard on yourself during this time. Once you feel restriction weight loss will be easier.

  3. Such a cute tree (and darling little ones!)- most of our ornaments are homemade, too... such good memories and so much more character than store bought.

    Any weight your losing now... you're doing on your OWN! I'm trying to figure out the holidays myself- trying to blend not being obsessive, but not being an idiot either. Once you get your fill, you'll be well on your way! I think I need a top off, and it's weird to get hungry so much.

  4. 300 grams is othing to worry about kelie!! I had about a 2kg at the stage your at now. Keep plugging along :)

  5. Its really frustrating but completely normal. Gorgeous little ones and tree, I like the home made decorations best!

  6. Such beautiful children !

    I had a tiny tree for years and only went back to a normal sized tree about 3 years ago - yours looks like a nice little tree!

    When is your first fill scheduled for? Soon I would think.

  7. the wii zumba fitness belt is 50 inches

  8. Such cute kids!

    Try not to stress so much about the ups and down right now. Your band is not yet working the way it was intended. After you have a couple of fills and get good restriction, you'll see that things get so much easier!