Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Common misconceptions about WLS

I just read a post that highlighted the below article (can't seem to add the link :( grr...) and wanted to share it with all the new bandits out there. I felt that it really covered a few of the issues that some of you are/were experiencing and possibly what I will experience. I know the information will help me through the first few weeks/months....

Here it is:

"As weight loss surgery becomes an increasingly popular treatment for morbid obesity misconceptions abound. Patients who undergo gastric bypass or gastric banding surgeries are often depressed and disappointed after surgery because they believed the popular misconceptions.
Some common misconceptions about WLS:
- Surgery brings joy and boundless energy instantaneously
- Laparoscopic surgery is painless
- WLS is an easy fix and permanent fix to obesity
- WLS guarantees happiness
- Others will support the WLS decision
After reaching goal weight patients can go back to normal Because patients read about the joy and boundless energy enjoyed by others after surgery they assume these feelings occur immediately. Joy is felt after massive weight loss, not after surgery. In fact, for many patients the first six weeks out of surgery are emotionally draining as they grieve for food and feel fatigued and disoriented.
We read the laparoscopic technique used for 85 percent of all WLS is minimally invasive requiring little recovery time. In truth this technique bruises the intestines, liver and ribs. The surgery is painful and recovery is not as rapid as most patients expect. Patients express feelings of failure when they are sore and exhausted from surgery.
For most patients weight loss happens quickly and easily. True to dieting tradition when patients reach goal weight they tend to go back to "normal" disregarding the high-protein low-volume diet. Weight gain results. Unless patients follow the strict WLS rules daily they regain weight.
WLS does not guarantee happiness. In fact, patients commonly describe feelings of anger, bitterness, resentment, panic and self-loathing as they lose weight. They also express happiness, satisfaction, pleasure, delight and self-love. The pendulum of emotions swings wide.
Having WLS exposes one to attacks from others who feel entitled to criticize the gluttonous sloth that could not lose weight by eating less and exercising more. Not all people, including spouses, siblings, parents and friends will support the decision for WLS.
WLS is a lifetime commitment to an extremely restrictive lifestyle that if used successfully will enable a former morbidly obese person to maintain a healthy weight and diminish the co-morbidities of obesity. It should never be considered the "easy way out" or a "quick fix." It is a lifetime commitment with no returning to normal."

Here's to never returning to 'normal'!


  1. yeah, I can definitely say I am suffering from some of this! Recovery is definitely different than expected!

  2. Everyone should read this before surgery. It's all true.

    No one prepared me for the myriad of emotions I would be going through AND the pain after the surgery. All I heard was how easy and quick it was. NOT SO MUCH. I was a mess for a while. Thought I was the only one, felt like a loser.
    Even reading this over one year later, it makes me feel a little better.
    This article shouldn't change anyones mind, but it should prepare them for what will happen.
    Thanks for posting!

  3. I was just banded on October 30th, and this article really hits home. I was feeling pretty good the first couple of days after surgery, but now I just feel like crap. I like to think that I was prepared for this because of all my research, but it doesn't change the fact that insides are screaming at me.

    I know it will get better and this phase will pass, but I'm ready to move on! Thanks for the posting the article, it's a good one. Good luck with your surgery!

    P.S. check out my blog daegufatty.blogspot.com :)

  4. Hi Kellie - just to say I am now a follower :)
    I am hoping to have a November 18th surgery date confirmed - but won't know until I see the doc on Thursday - what is your date.

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my post:)

  5. Oh gosh all so true. Honestly I was not prepared for how run over I felt after surgery - day 3-7 where the worst!!!