Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mind games & Challenge Week 3

I really want to bite into something and chew it!

Day 9 of liquids and I am struggling. I am NOT hungry - the band is obviously doing its job - but OMG I just want to experience biting into a slice of roast turkey or chicken and chew it, experience the taste of the flavours in my mouth and then ... swallow it!!

I can't wait til Monday - oh how far away it seems :( Mashed food will never have tasted SO good!

Oh and WOW! How awesome I lost 4% of my weight last week. I owe it all to the liquid diet phase! I think I may have peaked too early!!!

Everyone seems to be going really well with the challenge - I am super impressed with everyone's efforts - keep up the great work.


  1. Wow, day 9 already!! Monday is just around the corner :)

    Good work on the 4% loss

  2. The first two weeks do go pretty fast! I've only just started feeling 'hungry', its kind of a pain in the butt. LOL. glad tohear your doing well =)

  3. I know just how you feel !!! - I am on day 8 and will not get to eat anything remotely mushy/soft until day 22 - :(