Monday, November 22, 2010

Crazy busy..

OMG this week has been so full on! I find it hard to believe that it was 7 days ago since I was banded! Today is my one week anniversary!! It also happens to be day 7 of liquids and for the past 4 days I have literally been fantasizing about biting into food - any food! My teeth currently feel useless...

I am not particularly enjoying the liquid phase - I have really bad "feel's like a need a ripper of a burp" pain which is quite annoying and won't go away. I have brought some de-gas tablets today so I feel for the family when those babies start to work!!!
My son's 4th Birthday party was awesome - the kids were fantastic and I had lots of help which made it easier on me. The venue was the local road safety bike centre and all the kids had a ball. Here is a picture of my gorgeous boy enjoying his party:

Hmm... I have just noticed that the date in the camera must be set wrong! Oops!

I submitted my challenge weight in yesterday. I am very happy with this weeks results :D

I have been thinking about my comparison pics - I need your advice.... Should I take them weekly or monthly?? Let me know what you think.

Well the housework is calling and I can not ignore it any longer!

I am so behind in blog reading but I am trying to get a moment here and there to read and comment - sitting seems to make the gas pain worse.

Know that I am thinking of you all and thank you for your lovely comments :)


  1. I wouldn't do it weekly, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment when you don't see changes every week. That is just my opinion. I am happy that the party was such a success! My daughter's was three days after my surgery, and I was happy to have the extra help as well!

  2. I do mine every 3 months or so. I will be at my 6 month bandiversary this week and I will post some progress pics. You are doing great!

  3. i am a big procrastinator and figured I would set myself up for failure if I took pics too often. I take mine only when I hit milestones--30 pounds, 50 pounds, 100 pounds and goal or sort of goal...


  4. I would go with monthly pics, then you should hopefully be able to see the changes =) I'm suprised how well I'm doing on fluids, I thought I would have struggled a lot more, but I think not actually being hungry has made it easier =)

  5. I'm going to with taking monthly progress pics for now... maybe I won't post all of them, but I'll have them for me.

    Also, I agree that sitting at the computer makes the gas pains worse! Sometimes I just had to force myself to get up and go take a walk.

  6. Hi Kellie

    I find when I get that gas pain in my left shoulder that putting heat on the area helps alot - I bought a heating pad!

    Also drink lots of hot herbal teas like peppermint that helps bring up the gas - also move as much as is comfortable for you.

    This is my 6th day being "banded" and am finally feeling pretty good.

  7. Hiya!! I am new! I found you through Kristen from I'm With The Band! I should be banded within the next month and will be interested in your story since we will be close in dates! Good luck to you and looking forward to getting to know you!

  8. Congrats on your 4% loss this week that is awesome!!!


  9. I don't think I could do comparison shoots every week, I manage to do them every three months or so.