Monday, November 8, 2010

Lunch with banded and my new friend!

Yesterday I had lunch with some local bandits - lap bandits! It was great. I was so fantastic being able to meet up with some familiar faces and some new faces. All inspirational.

I must admit I am really fortunate to have met a lot of wonderful people on my journey to be banded. It's amazing how many people you can reach out to and receive support from, both local and internationally.

I must confess that I did eat a fairly fat laddened meal - I ordered the beer battered fish and chips - It was delicious but honestly next week when I will not be able to eat them, I don't think I will miss the chips as much as I thought when I ordered them.

For the past 3 weeks I have been ordering and choosing food to eat that I either know I will not be able to eat once banded or think that I will miss the most when banded. For this exact reason the scale has been ever increasing and honestly I just can't wait til Monday - it can't come soon enough. TOTM isn't helping in the scale department either and my pants are starting to get tight and uncomfortable - yet AGAIN!

For weeks now I have been worried about missing out but really I need to focus on what that really means for me. Is missing out on a bit of bread such a big deal if the flip side is playing with my kids for longer without the hassle of getting sore feet...I think not. Get a grip Kellie!

There is so much I need to be looking forward to, so from today I chose to look forward to all the wonderful things that my band is going to help me achieve. I will not focus so much on what I leave behind - Although I will always remember. My before photos will become a distant memory, all the anxiety I feel about them now will dissolve into the far back corner of my mind only to be replaced with newer far more attractive photos and an improved sense of self worth.

For me, the next part of my journey is going to be one hell of a mind game. A mind game I plan on winning.

Come on Monday the 15th...

I have a new friend to meet - she is going to be my food critic - her name is Portia and we are going to rock this body!


  1. I think most of us do the last supper period before getting our band. I know I did big time! I don't know if this is good news or bad but fish and chips have become one of my favorite post band foods. I can't eat very much of them..first two pieces of fish and a few fries and now I'm down to 1/2 a piece of fish (pretty big piece) and two or three fries. Burgers are the only real thing I had to give up and even with those I can have a bite of my husbands and do OK. Having said that though-everyone is different. I know people who can eat burgers still and others who have had to give up different things.

    Good luck with your banding!!


  2. OMG, I cant believe it's only a week away! When I read the 15th, I thought that was the start of your 2 weeks of Optifast!

    You are so lucky to have some bandits living nearby!

    Enjoy your last week pre-banding.

    So excited for you!

    PS. I get my 1st fill on your surgery day. I'll be thinking of you :)

  3. Yay! Not long to go. You must be so excited to finally be there. I had loads of last suppers. Enjoy them while you can. V.

  4. What an exciting time for you. The last suppers are very normal. Once you've had the operation you probably won't be able to get too much down for a few days. The kg's melted away in the first few weeks for me. I hope it's the same for you.

  5. I am getting so excited for you! I also went through the last supper period you are going through, but for me it was even worse and longer, because I had to gain a few pounds (5) in order to qualify for my surgery to be paid through insurance. Once I realized this, it was open season at the resturaunts! I hated myself afterwards because I ended up gaining five more than I needed to. That meant the first five pounds I lost really meant nothing!

  6. There isn't ANY food that I cannot eat. I was banded in February and have lost 92 lbs. (41.7 kg.). For me, the band allows me to eat all foods in moderation. I am so free and so happy I got the band!

  7. That's what I am looking forward to once I have my lap band, eating all foods in moderation... you are going to do well....don't forget you will have "Portia" to help :)

    Just think only 7 more days and for me 9 - !