Thursday, October 28, 2010 do I get it?

OK so this is more of a call out for wisdom from all you success stories out there - yes I'm talking about you!!!

I am thinking alot about the changes that my body will be going through over the next 18 months or so and have come to the conclusion that there are going to be 'problem' areas. Mentally at the moment I am OK with this but I think in the future I may struggle. At the moment every area is considered a problem area to me so not one specific area erks me more than another. It's a general disliking of the entire package a the moment. I am hoping that this will change - only time will tell...

I am a (very chunky version) of an hourglass shape body or maybe a pair - I'm not exactly 100% never know what lerks beneath the folds....ummm, ew, that sentenced just toatally grossed me out! Anyways back to topic - I need to know how to get toned. Where do I get it? How do I get it?

I'm thinking my upper arms and thighs will be areas I need to work on. Does anyone have any awesome exercises they do to tone these areas? I am a complete dunce when it come to weights and what to do with them so your suggestions and instructions would be most appreciated.

I am listening o' great WLS yodas :)


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  2. My plan is to jog/run, once I get under 100kg, and to go to Body Pump classes :)

    I've also quite a collection of exercise dvds that I should be using.

    What sort of exercise have you enjoyed in the past?

  3. I play social Netball and Basketball - but I don't think that will help with toneing(?) but it should help with the weightloss! I was going to give Zumba a try...but I am not very coordinated. It would be funny to watch!! lol

  4. Zumba would tone you up! I'd be too scared to try Zumba...

  5. Definitely you need weights to tone! I do a lot of triceps to try to avoid that flappy skin on the back of your arms. Here's a good one: (this shows it better than I could explain it!)