Friday, October 29, 2010

My First Challenge!!!

So I have accepted the challenge - the holiday challenge!!

So my weights will be in kgs but never fear I have a converter on hand. I know alot of you talk about geetting to onederland etc, down here in the metric system world we wish to get to double digits! Onederland aint so pretty and I just did the conversion and to be honest kgs sounds like less! 5 kgs = around 11 pounds (ugh) my weight just exploded into new territory - not a territory I'm comfortable with. I will get over it though. I am ready for the challenge.

1. Very close to; almost: "David was nearly asleep".

I think I need to come clean though - be upfront and honest- the challenge starts on the 7th November and I am booked in for my surgery on the 15th! I am not yet a bandster - I am NEARLY a bandster.....but I really want to be part of the challenge so I hope that is ok with everyone. I understand if not - I'm not official yet. I can cope honest...


  1. besides, I really like Joey's picture...and I wanted it on my blog too!!! :)

  2. I tried to come up with a clever name like Onderland for hitting double digits in kilos, but never did. I agree kilos "sound" better. Of course when you lose pounds, the losses look bigger! Either way you don't need to be banded to participate.