Saturday, October 23, 2010


I love it - my countdown has offically gone from weeks to only days...23 to be exact!

I have been on the phone to everyone, the anaesthetist, the surgery, the health know just to be sure that it is real and its actually going to happen and to make sure I am not going to get hidden charges etc etc.

Well now that that is all sorted I have reached that place of serenity and calmness. I have officially stopped worrying and can't wait. It can't come soon enough.

I am going to re-do my before pics, I am going to wear 'fat-revealing' type clothes so that when I review them in the future I will be able to spot the changes that much more! I just have to go through Jen's archives to find the name of that cool side by side program she uses and will be all set. I will upload later this week.

I'm struggling to find time to post at the moment - it's been crazy busy at work and now that the weather is warming here the weekends get filled more often with social activities.

Well I'm off now, the kidlets are well and truly asleep and it's time for a movie with my man!!



  1. I am so excited for you! less than a month! I am also going to take more pictures, but not ones I will post here. They will likely be in my sports bra and panties, so don't really want to gross anyone here out, so those will be for home use only. The website is It really is a lot of fun. I am actually thinking about joining the premium membership, at only twenty-something dollars a year, you get a whole lot more options. But if you are simply using it for side by side, you can definitely do that and so much more for nothing at all!

  2. Hey Kellie

    You dont have to do the Optifast before surgery do you? If not, you could use Celebrity Slim. Otherwise, you do need to stick with Optifast.

    I like Celebrity Slim because there are so many flavours and you can buy them individually. My favourites are choc orange and choc mint. I'd get some for after surgery :)