Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Butterflies...and Confessions

haha my tummy is full of them!!

I am in the process of finishing off some things for work and looking at what I need to do before I have leave from work ... and I just checked the calendar and BANG - I just noticed how SOON my surgery really is!!

hence butterflies!! wow so I have found that I keep forgetting and then I remember and it's a whole new shock all over again... I think I might be a little loopy!

I would also like to let everyone know (or those who don't yet know) about the new Anonymous Blog Confessions page. This is for all of us who may wish to share our most initmate secrets, you know the REAL inner termoil/joy/craziness but do not feel comfortable or are hesitant to do on our own blogs because we may know someone in our real lives who reads our blog and so forth.
I personally love this concept and am trying to think of something to add to the mix... It is a lovely way to receive supportive comments without having people recognise who you are etc.

Hmmm, confessions confessions.....


  1. I JUST now got butterflies! I am leaving in about 45 minutes! I can't wait! and am so excited for you as well!

  2. I quite like the Berocca. I can swallow tablets ok though, so Im not sure if I'll stick with Berocca.

    Just make sure you let it sit till there's no bubbles, when you take it after surgery.

  3. Yes time is flying by! I will probably get the insurance go ahead in Dec. It kind of feels like when you are preggos, at first it d-r-a-g-s and then the closer it gets it gets faster and faster until the next thing you know you are being told to push (ready or not!)
    Anyway! It will be here soon for you...butterflies are beautiful and closer to your new adventure :)