Monday, October 18, 2010

Have you ever stood in front of your closet and just felt fat?

I spent 30 minutes just looking at my wardrobe this morning! Can you believe it 30 minutes!! I was standing there in mothing but a towel thinking ..hmmm what can I wear today?

Its so frustrating to me that the most simpliest of everyday tasks (getting dressed) can be such a time consuming emotional experience for me. I know it's worse a the moment (pre-op binge + TTOM = Major bloatfest) but its like waking up and hitting a brick wall.

I put on and took off the same shirt about 3 times and chose my elastic (forgiving) fat pants. Suffice to say today I am wearing hed-to-toe black. Black is my fallback, its the nice place I can go to when colour hates me. Colour makes me look twice as big.....or is that some warped perspective I have developed? I'm not sure.

In my official before photo I am (you guessed it) all in black - I think I will take some wearing colour and post them to get a comparison.

Suregery: 4 weeks to go... it can't come soon enough!

Home/Work: I am in the process of trying to de-clutter. I am de-cluttering my house, de-cluttering my garden and de-cluttering my desk at work!! I am even de-cluttering the car!!

Here's hoping that all this de-cluttering, de-clutters my bloody head!!!!

Until next time..



  1. I can SOOO relate to what you are talking about! I do the same thing, and I don't have a whole lot of options in the clothing department to begin with! Hopefully tomorrow I will get my surgery date, and maybe that will make me feel a little better. I just want to get on with it! And being my TOTM as well puts me in a similar situation as you as well! Best of luck to you!

  2. hang tight! it will get better. You will then stand in front of your closet unable to find anything to wear because it is all too big :)


  3. Not long now.... dont worry itdd get better!

    I had those moments... i still stand infront of my cupbaord for like 30mins ahahahh im obsessive with what i walk out wearing though ahaha.

    As for the colour thing... dont worry i never wore colour... all i wore was black and lately i have been wearing bits of white... its a first and it feels weird.... soon!!


  4. I so know what you mean about staring in front of the wardrobe for ages trying to find something to wear. Things will get better though. I'm even finding clothes I haven't been able to wear for ages so my closet is getting better and better!