Monday, October 11, 2010

Sleepless nights??

I am finding it so hard to get to sleep lately, the closer it gets to surgery the longer it is taking me to shut off my brain of a night and SLEEP.

I think it might be an anxiety/stress related side effect. I think my subcontious is trying to play games with me! I expected to get nervy before the procedure but not 5 weeks prior!! I hope it settles down a bit cause if it's like this now I don't even wanna know what it will be like in another 4 weeks!!

Apart from finding it hard to get to sleep I think everything else is a settling down. My pre-banding food fest has seemed to calm down and I am no longer feeling the need to enhale food. The scale has been rising steadily over the past couple of weeks but is now holding steady. I really hope it doesn't go up anymore. If it rises anymore it will be more than when I had my surgeon consultation and I'd prefer to weigh less than that at surgery time :S



  1. Of course you will be a bit nervous about it, it IS surgery after all! I'm sure it'll go smoothly and soon you'll be a member of an awesome club! lol

  2. I ate up a storm before my surgery and i gained something like 10kilos which was SO BAD NEVER DO THAT, i regret it so much. I didnt sleep much before my surgery either... i had huge sleeping problems before but now with the surgery im much better and the exercise seems to get me to sleep now too which is great.

    Im excited for your surgery :D

  3. I can understand the nerve and sleeplessness :) I hope this settles down for you. I like taking a hot shower before bed, that helps me relax and get to sleep easier.

    As for the food feast. We all go through this in different levels. Me; I only had a few days of it before I realised that I didn't want to over eat anymore (mind you there are some days were I wish I still could - but it soon passes).

    Here's hoping you get a good night's sleep, that will help with the food as well :-)

  4. I put on 7kg before surgery so DON"T WORRY!!! Your not the only one :) And plus its good your keeping it steady now.

    The sleeplessness must not be fun...have you ever tried a relaxation tape or some music?? Don't you wish there was a button we could just switch and then our brains would go silent? It would be nice to have some time out from the thoughts huh!!

  5. Good luck on finding a way to get to sleep quicker! And it's fantastic that you are holding your weight steady now!

  6. I was so preoccupied before my surgery that I could barely do ANYTHING. I couldn't sleep, couldn't focus on anything at was aweful. I was so excited and ready to go! If you could get a good night's sleep it probably would help with the stress... :) Easier said than done!