Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekly Weigh In Update

Can I skip this one? Please, pretty please..... No, oh ok then :(

This morning I stepped on the scale ... and a gain of 0.5kgs happened!!! Those pesky Easter chocolate bunnies have finally caught up with me! I knew it would be bad, but I am glad the damage isn't too bad.

April was a slow loss month for me. 1.6kgs in total. That's not ideal. I initially hoped to lose at east 2-3kgs a month. OK to be honest I really just want to get to the magical 20kgs loss! Grr. Maybe May will be my month!

May is a pretty big month for me, there are a couple of family birthdays (including my mum's and mine!), it is also my anniversary of when Charlie and I got together (way back when 13 years ago), and of course who can forget Mother's Day!

I brought myself a beautiful new purse for Mother's Day (from the kids of course!) I can't wait til Mother's Day so I get to open and use it!! I spent a lot more than I normally would, but I justified it as being a weight loss reward too. I didn't quite get to the 20kgs I wanted but 16kgs is worth celebrating too - right? Please say yes!!

It is my mum's birthday tomorrow - Happy Birthday Mum!! (I know you read my blog!!) We are planning on having tea out but I'm thinking I might do a nice home cooked meal. I'll wait and see how I feel after work tomorrow. I am sure she would love either option.

My goals for this week:

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Get back on track with flavoured milk drinks

  • Exercise as much as possible

  • Report back results next weeek (this is something I always forget and I think its important for reflection).

Have a great week my fellow bloggers :)


  1. Have a great week too kellie! Keep smilin.

  2. Happy Birthday to your mom and Happy Mother's Day!