Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekly Weigh In and Comment Frustration

Todays weight 111.8kgs!!! Total loss 19.9 kgs :) Super excited about that result and definately no complaints since its that time of the monthg and all.

I am getting very frustrated with not being able to comment. I think one comment of every ten I actually write seems to be posted. Very frustrating, to all those who have posted new comparison pics - I have commented on how great you are all looking - but blogger is being a bitch and they are not posting. I especially love it when fellow bloggers post comparison pics so I nearly always try on comment when they do. I find it to be very encouraging when people comment and kinda feel that all this work is somehow being validated even when you struggle to see it in the mirror.

Since I had my fill of .3ml at the start of May the scale has made a steady decline. I think I am at the point where I no longer need a fill, I just need to start watching what I am eating and just keep plugging away. My next appointment with my surgeon is on the 15 June. My 7 month anniversary exactly. I hope to lose 21.7 kgs by then, that would have me at 110kgs. That would be awesome!

As for the commenting I will keep plugging away, hoping that they will get through! Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. I am feeling like I might be starting to get the dreaded cold/flu so I am on the defensive and filling up on medication in the hope to nip it in the bud.

Have a lovely week :)