Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ramble ramble ramble...

When it's cold and dreadful outside it is so nice to be able to do a workout inside. I am loving the new Biggest Loser Wii game.

I did a 20 minute circuit this morning, my arms are still aching and it wasn't even that hard (?) crazy. I definately need to start toning my body. I do alot of team sports which is great cardio but not much toning really happens.

I have felt like I have had some serious brain-fog over the past few weeks. I am hoping that it is now clear and things can now start to make sense again. Thank you for the lovely comments :)

Tomorrow is my birthday! I will be 29, the last year I get to say "I'm in my 20's!". Tomorrow is also 13 years since Charlie and I have been together. Strangely it does feel like that long but yet it also feels like forever!!

Tomorrow is also weigh in day. I would like to crack into the 112. something kgs on the scale but I am not sure its going to happen. I will be crossing my fingers and moving my scale across the bathroom floor in a vain attempt for the number I want to magically appear!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend :)


  1. I'm an ignorant English person and just can't imagine Australia being cold! Too much watching Neighbours I think!
    Have a lovely day tomorrow, hope that you get what you want on the scale!

  2. Happy Birthday Kellie! 29 for the first time!

  3. happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Kellie! Happy birthday to you!
    I sung that in my office while I typed it!

    Ugg cold weather.

  4. Happy birthday! I hope you are doing something fun to celebrate. And I hope for your birthday your scale is nice!!! Stay warm and dry!

  5. Ahhhh, 29. What a great year. Congrats to you and Happy Birthday!