Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday BYOC!

OK so I know this is supposed to be a Friday thing but I like to break the mold!! So here is my Monday BYOC!!

1. For $50,000 – would you go without brushing your teeth, showering or wearing deodorant for 3 months?

Umm...NO! I LOVE my showers, deodorant and brushing teeth I could possibly do without but definately can not survive without my shower!!

2. Is it harder to tell someone you love them or harder to tell someone you don’t love them back?

I think hurting someone by not returning the love would be harder - but you should never say you love someone if you don't love them - that's even worse!

3. What is on your bedside table?

An alarm clock.

4. If you could be invisible, who would you kiss?

Wait a minute .... would kissing someone MAKE me invisible??

5. Repeat question: Summarize your life in blog land and real life.

Blog life - I got an award!!! YAY - I am behind in my reading but my plan for tomorrow is to catch up on how everyone else is doing :)

Real life - Is just so darn busy!! My kids are going to multiple birthday parties every weekend, I am working full time and family I haven't seen in donkeys years are over for a whirlwind visit!!

Band life - I NEED A FILL NOW!!!!!


  1. Thanks for the award, Kellie! Good luck with your whirlwind week. When's your next fill?

  2. I love BYOC's no matter when they happen!

    I too nominated you for an award!