Saturday, January 15, 2011

2 months today!

Today is my 2 month anniversary from my surgery date (I sound like a teenager talking about their first boyfriend - "today is our one week anniversary etc etc!! lol)
Time for progress pictures..... Dum dum duuuuuum!!!

Without further ado, here they are:
Result: Not too much of a change, I will still keep doing the monthly shots though cause its a great visual aid for my progress. My jeans are definately baggier!
Til next time :)


  1. Kellie,
    I can see a difference! Awesome job, keep up the great work!
    24 pounds is a huge accomplishment! My 2 months will be on Monday
    so I will also post pictures! Have a great weekend!



  2. I can totally see way more waist! You are doing great!


  3. Kellie, you're doing REALLY well, congratulations. You certainly don't need new year resolutions! There's a big difference in the two sets of photos. For me, patience is the hardest principle to stick to...

  4. Great job, Kellie! I can really see a difference in the photos. Keep taking them because they do give you inspiration during the rough times!

  5. You can totally see the difference. That's what it is all about slow, deliberate changes. And yes, for sure keep taking pictures. It will help you see the transformation and keep you motivated. Awesome work so far!

  6. You are doing great!!! Debi sent me your way. I look forward to following your journey!

  7. Kellie, you are progressing nicely. Keep taking the pictures, you will be glad that you did!

  8. 2 months baby! Looking good too! Remember you didn't gain the weight over night and you won't lose it that way either! Sounds preachy I know but I have to tell myself that everyday. I am 1 month behind you!

  9. Happy anniversary ! You can certainly see the difference !

  10. You can definitely see the difference! Especially in the first photo - well done!

  11. CONGRATS on the two months!!

    And now you MUST post pics of Zena - unless they're here somewhere and I haven't seen them??