Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bandster hell?... Is that you?

I think YES!

Actually, I've been here for a while but was more blaming my lack of weightloss on the whole Christmas and New Year celebrations thing. Now that that is all over and done with, no more excuses, I have come to the realisation that it's the much discussed BANDSTER HELL!!!!

I have upped my exercise, made healthier food choices and upped my water intake for the past 2 weeks with no results as yet - the scale has actually risen a little. I am trying not to let that get to me, but the scale beast is a little harder to tame than I would ever have thought possible. I am not someone who counts calories, or protein or anything really. I do keep an eye on my portions and what type of foods I am eating but I do not count anything.

Honestly the reason for this is that in all my previous 'dieting' efforts it has always required me to count this or that, and I just couldn't maintain it. I know it is something I may have to look into in the future, even if its only to get me out of a rut period but for now, I just can't even contemplate the thought of counting...

My plan to get through this? Wow did I just say plan? See how much I've changed already!! I am making PLANS! That is an NSV in itself!!!

Sorry I digress .... the plan is this:

1. Keep exercising - I want to improve my fitness as well as create some muscle tone for this skin of mine to cling to...

2. Keep making healthier food choices - If I find myself wanting something bad tell myself I can have it only after drinking a glass of water first.... (hopefully this will eliminate the craving physically)

3. Drink even more water - see point 2, this will help me achieve this...

4. Do NOT weigh myself everyday, or twice a day or even three times a day - yes that is how bad I have become - Kellie FFS!!! once a week only!!! (baby

5. Blog more - even when I feel I have nothing to say - I'm sure once I start the words will flow like verbal dia... umm, you get the idea!

So there you have it. My 5 point plan to get through my 'bandster hell' phase. Its obviously not rocket science, but simple is always best for me when it comes to changing my lifestyle.


  1. Those are really good steps, and the water before snacking idea is great! I wish you the best! you'll get through it.

  2. Always good to have a plan. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog....I am sure you saw that I too am in HELL!! I am unfilled at this point and eating with no troubles at all. I am still taking in tons of water and trying not to snack. It's tough.

    Looking forward to getting to know you.


  4. Hey Kellie

    They look like good steps to get out of bandster hell. I am not a counter either. I have counted WW points so many times it is not funny but it never lasts. I'm just trying to make healthy food choices in small portions and hoping this will work. Who has the time to count?

    Good luck.