Monday, January 10, 2011

Back to work today :( and other random thoughts!

Hello fellow bloggers!

After having a wonderful 3 weeks off for the holidays I am back at work today :( Me no likey!!! It makes it really hard to get back into the swing of things, back to the 'work' routine.

I know, I should stop complaining, some people don't have any time off during the holidays etc etc. I am thankful for every second I had at home with the kids. It sounds strange but I am really appreciating who the kids are becoming. They have each developed their own little 'something-something' and they are becoming truly wonderful little people. I am so proud of them and who they are and who they will be. I am getting all down now :( I miss them so much!

Let's talk about the band (a nice little distraction to keep me from welling up!).

Portia is being a little fickle as of late. I know she is there, but she seems to have relaxed a little since the week of Christmas/New Year. I am assuming that the restriction that I had then was good and the lack of restriction I have now is bad (for weight loss anyways). I know I NEED a fill but I don't really WANT one. This is the brain-talk trying to get the better of me... Dear Kellie's Brain, Kellie is getting this fill - NO EXCUSES! Love Portia-the-band xox

I am booked in for the 29th for my second fill. I am taking things fairly slowly (6-7 weeks between Dr's visits) as I really want to be able to work with Portia and understand how she affects my body etc. I think it will be better for the long haul if I can at least understand how fills will affect me and how long they take to make a difference and so forth.

Overall I am happy with my weight loss. I have lost 10kgs in 8 weeks. Thats over 1kg per week which is right on track. My goal is to average between .5 and 1 kg per week so I am above target and am hoping to maintain that.

I have made a committment to myself that 2011 is the year for NO EXCUSES. I use TV as a big excuse. Such and such a show is on so I can't...... will no longer be in my vocabulary!! This is all part of me respecting myself. I will respect myself too much to be lazy and sit in front of the TV. I will go for my daily walks. The only times I will for-go my walk will be to do alternative excercise eg. play netball or basketball. (ps. I can't wait til the new seasons start at the local YMCA for my sport - I love playing team sports!)

I have been walking nearly every night and have been enjoying it so much. The kids seem to enjoy getting out to which I love. I am hoping that they will be fit and healthy as they grow older and understand that being healthy is 'cool' too!


  1. I know what you mean about needing a fill, but not wanting one. I know I need one badly but I'm dreading that getting stuck feeling and constantly having to be cautious about what and how I eat. But that is the whole point isn't it! My next fill is tomorrow so no time to get too worried about it.

    I am with you on 2011 being the year of "no excuses". It is defo cool to be healthy!

  2. That's a wonderful idea to take the kids with you on your walks!

  3. Hey Kellie! Glad to hear your doing well so far :) I've just had my second fill and boy was it full on. I am struggling to get anything down other than liquids but Im hoping it's just the band being sensitive and picky due to the new adjustment. I know what you mean when you say you need one, but don't really want one lol sometimes you just want to eat! Anyway, glad to see your post, talk soon :)