Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week 4 Spring Challenge Result and a day in the life...

Wow, it feels like forever since I blogged! I have been reading, sometimes commenting but I have a couple days of catching up to do!

First things first - Last week 255, this week 254.4 = Loss of 0.6 pounds. Nothing exciting to report there! So onto the business end of this post...

I haven't seen the clips of Dr Oz's show that relate the the lapband, nor have I seen the representation of 'real-life' banders who claim to only eat broth and yogurt. What I have seen is the numerous posts in relation to these videos and I thought I would put my daily life into the mix as suggested by the gorgeous Amy w!

Let me tell you - I was a little scared of doing this a first because I am definately not a perfect bandster...not by a long shot. OK so here it is ... be nice!

Breakfast - Jarrah white choca mocha with milk and 1 sugar

Approx 600mls water

Lunch - changes everyday, Friday for example was a small piece of lasagne

Approx 600mls water

Snack - Cheese and biscuits or dip, sometimes a piece of fruit

Tea - Fish or chicken & vegies including potato (I have to leave the potato until last) Sometimes I can only eat the protien.

Appro another 1L of water (if I am being a good water drinker for the day)

Dessert - Piece of chocolate (about 4 squares) or Ice cream (I usually get the skinny versions but sometimes I like to indulge on the fatter versions!) and another Jarrah White Choca Mocha.

Exercise - 3 - 5 minutes on the ab circle pro, 30 mins walking (this is a minimum) 3 nights a week I play my team sports (netball and basketball)

OK so there it is (gulp) don't be too harsh! lol Definately more that a few teaspoons of yogurt and some measly broth!!!

As yet I haven't had a chance to go through everyone else's day in the life posts, but I am pretty sure once I get through them I will need my pen and paper handy!!! I know I have a long way to go as far as my nutrition goes, but I am a work in progress, I am making small changes everyday. Eventually I will get to a stage where I am merely fueling my body - not being ruled by my wanting but for now I am getting there, one baby step at a time!


  1. Good lord woman..i eat more than that and I am at goal!! You are eating great as far as I am concerned. Since the scale is moving keep right on eating :) if it stops then start worrying about how much (or not!) you are eating.


  2. This sounds like a great menu plan... I am taking notes :o)... Okay, I also like your exercise. I keep thinking I would like to get into team sport, by my rotating shifts at work just make it too difficult :p