Friday, April 22, 2011

Holidays are not what they used to be!

I am rapidly realising that all my feelings about food-related holidays were false. I used to love the Easter holidays, eating fish on Friday, BBQ's and a chocolate bunny for breakfast Easter Sunday.

Don't get me wrong I had a beautiful lunch which consisted of a Tasmanian Salmon cutlet and a prawn pasta salad. It was very yummy but it took me over 2 hours to eat it! I know I should stop after 30 minutes but if I do that I find I get hungry soon after so I usually just plug away until I have had my fill. Ususally if I stop, and get hungry shortly after I do not make the best nutritional choices, so it's sometimes best just to keep eating what I have.

The fact that I took that long means that my restriction was good. I should be pleased and I normally would be; but my mindset is back at my previous experiences of these holidays. I was talking with my mum about last Easter, and I confessed that I had probably eaten about 10 rabbits by this time last year (the shame). I kept having to go back to the store to replenish the gifts that I was secretly eating. This year I have had about 3 small solid baby eggs. Not bad! I am proud of this new me. I also am grieving the old me. Strange huh?

Anyway enough of my mini-pity-party! I am very much looking forward to the 5 day holiday. Not being a work is going to be great. We are planing on getting as much relaxation as two kids under 5 will allow. We will be taking them to a Kids in the Park day on Sunday which will be lovely. There will be alot of things on offer for the kids to do so I hope they enjoy it.

I have also tried to minimise the chocolate giving this year. Family will think I am being cheap but its more that I don't want my kids to grow up believing that holidays are all about the chocolate. It's about us all being together, and being thankful for everything we have. It is my hope that they grow up without the issues I have in relation to food/chocolate etc.

I hope you all have a fantastic Easter, whatever you are doing, where ever you are!


  1. We've cut back alot on the candy in the baskets, etc. too. No one really seemed to notice... or if they did they didn't mention it. Hope you have a great Easter & enjoy the time off. :)

  2. Im a little confused with fills and restriction. If you takes you 2 hours to eat lunch, why are you getting another fill? Im just curious because wont you then take 3 hours to each lunch?

  3. For a couple years now I have drastically minimized the candy my child gets at easter. She gets a basket, and something related to the meaning of easter (a book about Jesus, or something like that) and more toys. Usually only one or two pieces of candy. The same at Christmas, in her stocking, very little candy. She doesn't need it! And certainly doesn't miss it!

  4. I was just thinking about how the holidays have changed in my house because of food issues. i don't bake Christmas cookies or make Easter bread because I don't want that stuff in the house. However, I have great memories of doing those things with my Mom, which my kids won't get to experience. It's a double edged sword! I also put little toys and books in the baskets for my kids, they don't need all that candy and I don't need it in the house!