Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My ducks just won't cooperate!

You know how each spectrum of our lives can be represented by a duck and when they are all lined up it means that all is well? Yeah? Well my ducks are all over the place! Why when one or two or even three things in your life can be fantastic, those little ducks are doing the best they can, they are staying a float, in general, just being great little ducks. Those poor hardworking ducks can be spoiled by a measly forth duck not doing it job :(

My weightloss duck is awesome. My weightloss duck is the best duck of the lot so far!

My work ducks (I have 2) one is about professional relationships within my office (I struggle with some of the personalities I work with) well that duck is bobbing away nicely, no major dramas. That little duck is always fighting to stay afloat. It bites my tongue in situations where I really need to compose a response. My other work duck is task orientated. I am stretched to the limit with this poor duck. I am currently doing three jobs at the moment so this little duck has a tough job to stay afloat.

Each duck that represents each of my children is doing my head in. They just dont want to go to sleep at a reasonable hour. They are fiesty little buggers! I love them more than anything in this world though. Enough said.

My relationship duck is sinking. Let's hope I get some floaties for this little duck ASAP. My relationships duck is making it hard for me to see all the other wonderfully positive things going on in my life right now. I hate that it is happening, but it is what it is.

Here's hoping my little ducks start cooperating some time in the near future - cause honestly by brain could use a break from stress.

I seen an all time low on the scale this morning!! It's not an official weigh day but I don't care I have reached a new milestone I am now under 110 kgs. 109.9 to be exact!

I have an appointment wi th my surgeon this afternoon. I don't think I will get a fill. I am happy where I am at the moment and don't really want to be on the tight side so I think I will just continue to monitor what I am doing and see him again in 6 weeks if I need a top up.

I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your week :) Sorry I have been a little absent of late, but I just haven't been feeling it lately. I have been reading everyday though but I know I should comment more!

Take care :)


  1. I will think good ducky thoughts for you. I know how you feel but things must get better :)


  2. Hope you can get all you little duckies sorted

    Congrat's on the new low! It's so exciting getting under a new number!!

  3. Ah, hun. I hope you get those ducks trained so that they stay in a row! Congrats on the new low though.

  4. Good luck with your ducks lady! We all have issues with our ducks too! My work duck I think is on some kind of illegal drug at the moment and it is the kind that is morning to fast for me to keep up!!!

  5. You'll get all those duckies in a row, just be patient, you can do it! :) Hope the Dr appt went well.