Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A New Decade!!! and some scale revelations :)

So I get on the scale this morning (as I do EVERY morning, afternoon, night-time......) well you get the idea!! and for the second morning in a row a new decade number has appeared! YAY!

Its very exciting breaking new territory like that. I always make sure its not a fluke by following up the next morning too. I am a little OCD - no really - just a smidge!

I must admit I have been feeling a bit 'off; over the past month about my progress and how my weightloss had halted to a stop etc and I really do need to just keep reminding myself that 12.5kg (27 pounds) in 11 weeks is a great result. Why do I put these added pressures on myself to achieve more than what's considered normal? Is it something that everyone else does too?

I started this journey convinced that I was going to be happy with slow and long-lasting weight loss. I 'thought' I was achieving this until my 6 week scale stand-still. I really don't want to be pulled into that 'ruled-by-the-scale' mentality but I just can't stop myself!! I like to make sure I am 'on-track' and daily weighing helps me with this. Is there a way to weigh daily and not let it affect the way I am feeling?

I am afraid that there is something a whole lot deeper going on in my subconcious which is impacting on my mindset and to tell the truth I am a little scared about when and if it will surface and I will have to face it head on. With. Out. Food. OMG I think I better stop writing, the more I write the more clues I see!!

Yes I procrastinate. I put things off. I wait til later....


  1. I did the exact same thing as you. When I started I decided to go with the band vs. sleeve for several reasons, one being that I was perfectly fine with the slower weight loss. I told myself one to two pounds a week would delight me. Then on weeks that I see the scale go down on a daily basis I recalculate my goals based on continual loss at the same rate, knowing I'm setting myself up for disappointment. We need to just be happy doing things the way they need to be done and seeing the scale going down, slowly or at what ever rate our body works. I only weigh in the morning, and I am telling myself that I am only doing it this way right now to see the natural fluctuation my body goes through so that when I do see an upward fluctuation I won't freak. I am trying to learn my body. then when I get comfortable with my body I will quit subjecting myself the daily weigh in's. of course this is plan, I will keep you updated on the actuality. You are doing great, and you should celebrate that!

  2. The band is a helpful tool, but it definitely isn't the quick route for most of us. Hang in there and good luck with working through your issues.

  3. Although I didn't always like it that the weightloss was slow I think it was really good for me that it was slow. Each bump, milestone and shift caused me to learn new lessons that would hopefully come in handy if I ever (knock on wood) lost the band. I am under no illusions that I would stay at goal but hopefully with these lessons I would stay far away from the 304 where I started.


  4. Wow, we're alot alike. The real work isn't losing the weight, it's figuring ourselves out. So, maybe only count one scale reading a week? There's so much daily weight fluctuation. You could try only weighing yourself once a week, but that's a challenge when you're OCD... :)