Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A new challenge and a new scale!

Thank you Ms M! I really like these sort of challenges. It keeps my mind occupied (i.e. not thinking about eating etc). Bonus!

Looking forward to rocking this sip and gulp water challenge - 8 cups a day - I CAN do this!

In other news, I just bought a whizz-bang scale. I lOVE IT! Besides from the fact that it has 'said' my lowest weight to date, it also has body fat calculators etc (I still don't know how to operate that part of it but I will get there!) Another great bonus is that it has a funky little switch underneath that says KGS or PDS. No more having to use the online calculators to convert my weights!!! AWESOME!

I've only stepped on and off about 10 times already ... today :S


  1. I'm doing the Sip & Gulp challenge, too!! Good luck on it! :)

  2. So cool! I want a scale that measures in kilos!