Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So I have kinda been AWOL lately ...

Sorry about that :/

I have not been completely gone - I have still been browsing, reading and even commenting on your blogs at times but when it comes time to actually write a blog, I get stuck for words.

I have tried to analyse the causes for this hiatus.  I am still losing weight (allbeit slowly), I am not feeling paticularly crappy for any reason, I am not hiding deliberately - maybe I am a turtle blogger.  I pop my head out every now and then say hi and give a bit of an update then I go back in my shell when I feel like I have nothing of substance to contribute.  I didn't even take many family snaps this month, so I couldn't even just fill a picture post to compensate my lack of words.

I have a full on couple of months coming up.  Starting with a beach visit this long weekend, a baby shower, then my son Xavier's birthday party, two other kids birthday parties we need to attend followed by numerous Christmas get togethers, my daughter Acadia's birthday party 3 days before Christmas and then Christmas and New Year festivities.  I don't know how I am going to get through it without going insane.

I must admit - I am not looking forward to the festive season.  In fact I am starting to really hate all holidays that involve consuming food!  Don't get me wrong - I love portia (my band) to bits but on special occasions I kinda wish she would take a few days off!!!  I am thinking of cheating and keeping the fill level I have now - which is on the tight side - up until mid December and then have a bit taken out over the holidays to accommodate a more food-friendly experience.  Don't judge!! lol



  1. You'll be fine! Just know that there is no way you could eat as much as you could bfore!!

  2. I'm also very nervous about this holiday season and how much I'll be able to eat! I don't want to eat anymore than I do right now... I guess we'll see what the scales say come January 1st! :)