Tuesday, November 15, 2011

One year today!

Guess who is turning 1?
That's right - PORTIA is!  Happy Birthday Portia :)

Happy bandiversary to me, happy bandiversary to me
35 kilos I have lost,  how great it is to see!!! 

Yummo!  That cake looks awesome (too bad I can't eat cake now - but I can try the icing!!)  Oops I am getting distracted!  I had all these plans in my head about all the awesome stuff I will be able to write on my one year post but for the life of me it's not coming to me now, who knows maybe I will wake up and remember the post I was planning at like 3am in the morning!!  I will jot a few things down (so I remember them) and will give a more in depth evaulation of my first 12 months with Portia.  I was even planning to do the photo re-enactment that Joey did to show the then and nows.  Watch this space!


  1. Happy Bandiversary! How far you've come! Congratulations!

  2. How time flies when we are losing weight and having fun. Just think we could never really say that before the band, because it was never fun when we were trying to loss weight without it!!

  3. Happy bandiversary! Sounds like a great year, can't wait to read the more in-depth one if you post it! :)

  4. Happy Bandiversary!! Congrats on your weight loss. I wish you continued success!!!

  5. hooray to you and Portia :) You hae done really well!!