Monday, July 18, 2011

Bullet Style Update

Who am I? Let me re-introduce myself. My name is Kellie. I have been suffering a serious case af bloggers block (?). But hopefully I am back, now let me fill you in on what's been going on lately:

  • I just reached my 8 month post op anniversary (it was the 15th) and I will need to do some pictures and post them :)

  • I have now lost just over 52 pounds!!! which equals just under 24kg! Yay me!

  • I have a head cold :( this is no joy at all - I am relying on some super Cold and Flu drugs to work for me!

  • I chickened out of doing a local 10K fun run - I was planning on walking jogging it but my old ways crept back and apparently I had enough excuses not to do it :( shame on me ....

  • I am determined to complete another local 10K fun run in October. I have told as many people possible - in real life - that I will be participating in said fun run, so there is definately less chance of me backing out of this one ;)

  • I will be attending a local statewide bandster meet up at the end of July. Around 35-40 people will be attending and I can't wait. It's like a mini-BOOBs in Tasmania, Australia. I will be catching up with a few known faces but it's meeting the new faces that I am even more excited about. I love finally meeting people in the flesh - it is so surreal to feel like you know someone without having ever met them - which I know you all understand - being bloggers and all!!!

  • I have been going through a few personal issues of late both at home and at work. It has made me feel very anxious and I am working on resolving these issues, it will just take some time and patience (my nan used to say that all the time - she was such an amazing woman - I really wish I had her inner strength xx), to be honest work is my biggest issue right now and it is so hard leaving my kids each day to be at a place I really dislike :( The current employment climate is not great, so there's nothing I can do right now, but to wait it out...

  • Although I have been quite pathetic at posting and commenting, I am definately reading! I love reading about all of your adventures, it makes it so much easier to face daily struggles when you know other people have either had, having or have had similar things going on too.

I wanted to ask you all something regarding body art, if you have any, when you got it what significance does it hold for you? I got my first tattoo when I was 18. I have a seahorse on my shoulder. Seahorses are my favourite, they have a auora about them... I will take a pic an upload it for you to see but the reason I bring it up is that I am contemplating my next piece of art. I have a rough layout in my mind of what I want it to be and I love it because it represents my family.

I wanted to ask you all to share your tattoos and the meaning behind them? I think its such as great way to get to know someone.

And if you're a body-art free person, that's ok too! Maybe it could be something else, like a teapot collection!!


  1. Body art... I'm actively contemplating at the moment myself. I don't have any yet... mostly because I want something meaningful & can't decide anything on my own, lol.

    My BFF is a lifetime swim coach and instructor... she just got one that has swimmers doing all the different strokes up & around her calf. It looks awesome.

    Hope things on the work front get better for you. :)

  2. I am always thinking about a new piece of body art. So far I have a few mythical creatures, (I have never really liked my reality) and I have an abstract cello to show my love for an instrument that I wish to master (am slowly working on it, even if I have taken a break for the last few months)

    I want my next one to be something to represent my current journey.

  3. Good to see you Kellie!!

    I don't have an tattoos! Not against them I just never got one! Can't wait to see your seahorse!

  4. Congrats on 8 months!

    I am researching my first tattoo right now-- I'll be getting a tribal-style owl on my shoulder blade, representing wisdom.

  5. I have a rose tattoo on my ankle which I got when I was 19. My sis and I got them together just before I went away to college. That's it for me!

  6. I hope you feel better! Being ill is no fun.

    I have a tattoo on my ankle.