Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wow! Christmas - what a ride it's been so far!!

Please excuse my lack of blogging - I have been very ... busy!  For some reason my days are just so full on lately that I haven't really had time to sit down and gather enough thoughts to post.

Let me start by saying that my Christmas has been pretty awesome.  Spending time with family is always great, and the kids eyes lighting up on Christmas Day are worth all the effort that us adults put into making it a special day for them.  I remember when Christmas just used to happen, I so appreciate my mum and family making it seem so effortless, having two kidlets of my own I now truly appreciate the effort they put into it each and every year!

Let me give you a quick Portia Update.  I had an appointment with Dr Tony on the 16 December with the intention of having a bit of fluid out for Christmas.  I went in, he asked how I was.  I said I wanted some fluid out.  He asked why.  I told him.  He said NO!!  He then told me that he wasn't comfortable with my reasons (to have a little rest over Christmas) and he asked me again what I 'needed' not 'wanted'.  I told him I definalty needed some taken out as I was having trouble getting real food in.  He abliged.  He took out .5ml instead of my requested 1ml and for that I am thankful.

He totally pulled me up on my self sabotaging behaviour.  I am so lucky that he is my surgeon for this exact reason.  I was subconciously (or slightly conciously) trying to sabotage my efforts.  A year on and I am still doing it to myself!  When will I learn?

So as for weightloss, it's all been pretty good, I am losing slowly but consistantly.  My exercise efforts have been pretty poor this last few weeks but I am struggling with motivation and having the kids on holidays is making it difficult to find the ME time I need to get it done.  I will be back on the exercise wagon ASAP.  I have also been indulging in one or a few too many iced coffees over the past week, but other than that all is rocking along nicely.

Being off work has been awesome.  I have to go back right after New Year's but I appreciate that I have been able to have a longer break than alot of people at this time of year.  Spending time with the kids has been good yet trying at times.  My daughter is really good at pushing my buttons so that has led to some trying moments but she's 3 so I can't hold it against her!!  Overall being home has been great.

I hope you all have had a lovely Christmas and have been able to spend quality time with those you love.  I will leave you a few pictures of my Christmas!!

Now it's time for me to go and catch up on all of your blogs!  I am looking forward to reading what each and everyone of you have been up to!

Have a happy and safe holidays!! :)


  1. I am so impressed with your doctor! Too many doctors just go with the flow! Mine is like yours, he rocognises those behaviours and stops me in my tracks! Love it! Ps - Your tattoo is just gorgeous!

  2. Love the comparison shots! Great job.
    oh how I would love to put the kids in bathing suits on Christmas day. I need to move to someplace warm!

  3. Your kids are too darn adorable!
    You have a wonderful doctor for recognizing things, thats great!

  4. your new pic looks like almost a completely different person! :) you look great!