Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My 35kgs down present to myself!

Here is my present to myself for losing 35kgs!!  I love it!

Each of the critters represent myself, hubby, my son and my daughter - and like this tattoo I am crossing my fingers that the weight lost is also permanent!!!!

It is all free-hand from a dodgy hand drawn picture (drawn by me) that I brought in - I just said make it look awesome - and he did!  The tattooist is a true artist - amazing :)

Oh and the countdown is on for my pre-Christmas unfill!!  10 days to go :)


  1. Wow! 35kg is awesome. You must be very proud of yourself. The tat is pretty cool too!

  2. So pretty! Congratulations on the amazing transformation :)

  3. Oh wow, I love the tattoo, and what it symbolizes! I am getting a back tat for reaching goal, if that ever happens. It will be a cover up, so I have to get creative. Or find someone that is creative to do one for me! Congrats!