Thursday, September 29, 2011

Double Digits!!!

I finally have seen the scale in double digit mode!  I am super excited!!!  It is still boucing up and down daily but the fact that I seen the scale reach such a low number has really inspired me to believe in myself more.

Last Friday I actually had an unfill of 0.1ml cause I was just so darn tight I was curdling milk in my stomach :( not nice at all!  Since the unfill I had a brief 'On my goodness I have to eat eveything in sight' experience but finally that has now past and I am getting back into a place where I am eating solid foods in better quantities.

For all you lovely ladies attedning BOOBS have an awesome time and know that each and every one of us who can't attend is JEALOUS bigtime!!  Travel safe and keep the good-time pics coming :)

1 comment:

  1. Double digit mode is awesome! You're doing so well. :)

    I know it's hard with two kiddos, but you're rocking your band!