Friday, August 5, 2011


So I had an appointment with Dr Tony last Friday. All is progressing well - according to his scales I am down 23kgs and he is happy with my progress. I did tell him that I had been getting a lot of shoulder tip pain of late and not always due to eating etc. He checked out my shoulder and asked me to have some xrays just to make sure Portia (my band) is siktting perfectly in position. I went for the Xrays Monday but forgot to call his office to let him know, so I finally did that this morning. I am not worried, I think Portia is all good, I just think it may be referred gas pains. He should le me know soon enough.

And for some reason I am having trouble following some newbies blogs - the follow button just doesnt appear on my browser... it's weird maybe I might try another computer.

And finally .... TGIF!!!!

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  1. The "follow me" button has been replace with a "join this site" button, but it should be in the same place. Hope you get it figured out!

    I hope it is just some gas, and it will pass soon. Good job on the loss so far!