Sunday, August 8, 2010

Band Envy

I am suffering from band envy!

A number of people I have met via a facebook site have recently had their surgeries and although I am extremely excited for them I am also wishing it was me already! Congratulations Miffy, Bridget and Sarah!

Count down - 14 weeks!


  1. Hey Kellie, welcome to the banding blog world. Congrats on your upcoming surgery - it will be wonderful!

  2. Hello!

    What is the facebook site? I'm a FB'er and would love some more banding sites.

    Anyway, I'll be following you!

  3. How are things coming along for you? I am also awaiting to be banded,and am not very patient about it! my husband is about to move out until after the surgery just to get away from hearing me talk about it on end! I am still waiting for my insurance to get back to the surgeon's office, but I am thinking that there shouldn't be too much of a wait from that point on! Best of luck to you!

  4. The Banded Lady - Thank you, I am hoping all goes well.

    Epiphany - The facebook site is called Tassie Lapbanders. Lovely bunch of people and the lunch was great.

    Justawallflower - I hear you! I am exactly the same! I want it yesterday!!! lol